Batch watermarking

If you have a number of image file, or even 1K or more it is tedious to do watermarking for each of them manually.

Here is an easy way to do batch watermarking in Adobe Photoshop, should work for all the recent versions.

  1. Open your image in photoshop, go to your actions pallete and create a new action and name it ‘watermarkDemo’.
  2. Open your watermark image, copy and paste it on your image.
  3. Apply emboss filter to watermark image by going to  filter> stylize>emboss.
  4. To embed a copyright note go to file>file info to bring up the file info dialog. This is where you enter information that you want embedded into the file itself.
  5. When you’re done, close all files except the watermark image and then click on the stop icon at the bottom of the Actions Pallete.
  6. To automate watermarking, go to file>automate>batch. Choose your actions’s name and click on ‘Choose’ to choose your folder full of photos, then under ‘Destination’ choose ‘Save and Close’. This will apply the watermark to your images.

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