Permalinks problems finally sorted out!

Finally the permalinks problem got sorted out.

On one of my client’s site, I changed content page to a new page in theme settings, which led to problem in permalinks. Strange isn’t it? I googled high and low, but this had not happened before or wasnt a common problem.

If I changed the permalinks to default, it would attach that new page’s name to the sitename. If I kept permalinks customized, it would not show the sliders on homepage, in fact wouldnt land on home page but on that new page.

Finally I gave up on this problem, until a few days back it just to occurred me that may be a plug-in might be causing this problem. and guess what?? I was cent percent right, I had installed this SEO plug in, which was naming and redirecting pages on basis of its default settings. Finally I deactivated the plug in and got rid of the problem.


Moral of the story: make sure before you download “any” plug ins on wordpress sites that its worth it, cos not all plug ins are problem/error free…

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