Back button missing problem



This is how my storyboard looks. I have dragged tab bar controller which is automatically attached to two view controllers.

As u can see below : thats the main screen of my app. It has two menu items in tab bar that is recipes and favourites.

And on this main screen you can see the names of the recipes are listed in a table view.



When user clicks on a recipe name the following screen opens up. This is the details screen of the recipe selected.

Now on this screen the “back” button is missing. And I know it should be there.

Now I made a new view controller and attached it to “recipe” view controller using the “show” segue. as u can see in the story above. so when a recipe name is selected in the didselectrow function of tableview the segue is triggered and recipe details screen is loaded. Please correct me, where i am going wrong


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