Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity in Cultural Context

Pakistan is still working its way towards consolidating the establishment of Intellectual property rights. It is deeply saddening to realize that Pakistan is known to be the top manufacturer and exporter of pirated industry software, publications, and digital content. The violations in the IPR Laws are persistent in Pakistan and have caused severe financial losses in the international trade market as well. As a former resident of Pakistan, I can safely say that most people don’t value the intellectual rights of others. A good example is the popularity of the cable TV system in Pakistan. It has been there for over two decades now. You get a £20 per month connection from the cable company and enjoy the 24/7 full access to 100 plus local and international channels on the TV. If you compare the same scenario of TV channel subscription in the UK, we must pay the high prices to enjoy these facilities. Read more about the cultural differences in academic honesty.


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